How do we start? 

You'll pay your retainer and sign your contract to secure your session.

We recommend your session take place when you are between 30-34 weeks

How much should I expect to invest?


Includes all digital image files | 45-60 minute session

Available anywhere in Chatham County.

Inquire for specific rates for outside of Chatham County. 


A $200 retainer is required at the time of booking

and the balance is due two days after your session date

Do I receive digital images?


Your digital images files will be available for download

within two weeks after your session date. 
The number of final images varies from family to family but you can expect a minimum of 30 images from a full session (more if you have children already that will be participating in the maternity session.)

Where do maternity sessions take place?
Full sessions can take place anywhere!
Mini sessions are limited to the locations listed above. 

For outside of Chatham County, we charge a travel fee which must be paid in addition to your retainer.  Contact us for specific travel fees. 

What time do the sessions take place?
It depends on location but a good rule of thumb is one hour before sunset

or twenty minutes before sunrise.


Do you have weekend availability?

Yes, but obviously these book well in advance.

How long does the session take?
ypically between 45-60 minutes

Are partners and children allowed?


We LOVE incorporating the entire family, however we have many clients who celebrate their pregnancy just by themselves!  

What do I wear?

We LOVE helping our maternity clients decide what would work best for their session!
We have a few suggestions HERE.

Ready to take the next step?

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