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Prather | Studio Newborn | Savannah Photographer

First time parents brought their sweet newborn into the studio for their family newborn session. He was so chill the entire time and his head of hair is so perfectly soft!

Being able to document those early days for families bring us joy. We understand the newborn stage can be a blur. We approach these sessions from a lifestyle perspective. You will still be guided on how to hold baby (while ALWAYS making sure baby is safe) but we take baby's lead. If he needs to eat we absolutely stop and take a break! If he needs to be in mom's arms the entire time that's what we will do!

Natural, lifestyle-inspired posing is our goal. We are happy to hold these sessions in our studio or in your home. We recommend that they be held within the two weeks after your baby is born.

CLICK HERE to complete our intake form and schedule a complimentary phone consultation to learn more about our newborn session offering.

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1 Comment

Jun 04, 2018

love how natural these are!

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